Daddy’s Always Watching

 Daddy’s Always Watching

There was a little boy named Andy
He loved popcorn and candy.
But his favorite thing of all
Was his Daddy’s baseball.

He threw it high and threw it low
It was with him where ever he would go.
One day it was lost, broken was his heart
From this ball he could not part.

He looked in the closet, under the bed
Searched down low and overhead.
He reached for his favorite hat
Looked under the bed and got his bat.

A tear in his eye he walked to the park
It didn’t matter it was getting dark.
This ball was special it belonged to his Dad
It was a memory the only one he had.

He remembered the words from his Dad
He thought of them and he was sad.
Never fear or be afraid or feel alone
I am watching you from the heavenly throne

He sat on the bench looked up to the sky
"Play Ball" he heard his daddy cry.
Down it came out of the blue
I told you son, I’m watching over you.

© By Harriett Dash 2001