Boy Angel

I  couldn't believe my eyes, is what I see real?
A Little boy angel playing in an open field.
I looked again with an open heart I couldn't believe my eyes.
He looked at me and smiled, he did not seemed surprised.

Yes, he said, I have come to earth but just for a little while.
I am looking for a Mother one with a special smile.
You see I can't stay long but I know happy she will be.
For Jesus sent me to stir her heart with a special seed.

One that will let her know we boys are all up there :
Waiting for our Mommies, special ones that care.
You see just any Mommy can't raise a little boy like me.
People of the world can't understand you see.

For when I come to earth, I'll have no legs attached.
Just a special Mommy will not send me back.
But she will hold me in her arms and show me to everyone.
She will be just as proud of me as if I had some.

But for now while I am looking Jesus said I could romp and play.
So I have to go for now, I'll see you on another day.
I smiled and knew within my lonely heart.
That this was my son from the very start.

So now I am waiting and he'll be here soon.
And in my heart is all kinds of room.
Thank you Lord for letting me see.
What my son will look like to me.


By Harriett Dash 2001    

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