Being With Children: A Gift From God



A Gift From God

I remember myself and my little tricycle
Getting a little taller and the big bicycle.
Had to find something to lean up against to get on
Got started and to stop had to scream for Mom.

This is all the things I see little children do
We were there once upon a time me and you.
Children do great on their own with gentle words so kind
Then they are subjected to a grown up mind.

So enjoy them while they are innocent and young
Before the world takes out all the fun.
You ask a child when it grows up what do they want to be
I heard one say a Bumble Bee.

I want to fly around the world and buzz through the sky
I want to see from a Bumble Bees eye.
That sure put me into deep thought of flying around
I used to also want to be off the ground.

Don't rush them into an adult world to soon to educate
Let them live in their make believe world, just wait.
And all too soon as they leave as children, so will you
It's our nature to want to do as the children do.

Take them and their words let them be acceptable
All to soon in a grown up world they will be accountable.


They say God has special gifts for his children 
and I think one of them is being with
children as we grow older.
They bring out the youth in us of yesterday, 
they let us know its not all over, its just the beginning.

By Harriett Dash 2001 



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