Bee Busy

Bee Busy

Okay kids here's a warning,
 That will save you from a sting
A buzzing noise is not a song to sing.
Bee's are busy that's why they say
I'm busy as a bee on any given day.

They never stop even when eating they are
Not thinking all their honey will go in a jar.
Thank God for honey bees they are great
If you haven't eaten honey you've never really ate.

Anything that taste so good takes a lot of hard work
Around the big oak tree you must lurk.
Just to catch them all away 
And steal the goodies inside
If you get caught they will sting your hide.

So if you hear a buzzing noise get the heck on the run
Cause getting stung by a honey bee sure ain't no fun.

By Harriett Dash 2001   

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