A Woman's Work Is Never Done



I watch my little one so busy she was fixing lunch:
Of course it was mid afternoon so we called it brunch:

First we must wash our hands in the sink I reach the best:
Now for what to fix, I must do my best:


Just the right Pot, Papaw says it must be just right:
For I am in charge of cooking dinner tonight:

Must pick out some dinner music to relax by:
Something peaceful not to rocky, don't want to make Grammas cry:

Just wait 'til she sees the kitchen, of me she will be so proud:
Must hide and surprise her with a shout that's loud:

Surprise, dinner is ready, the table is all laid:
She picked me up in her arms not seeing the mess I had made:

She kissed me and hugged me ever so tight:
Because in my Gamma's eyes, anything I do is always alright.


By Harriett Dash 6/01