A Child’s Life



Here she stands in a pose just for me.
It does not matter if anyone can see.
She runs to the tree and jumps in the swing.
At the top of her lungs she does sing.

It makes her happy to see the world from on high.
She pushes and pushes and reaches for the sky.
Then she flips around and does a hand stand.
She’s using her energy for all she can.

Cartwheels are easy she does them all the time.
I guess it's a stage you go through at nine.
Soon she will be ten and then I wonder.
The only thing to move her will probably be thunder.

Kids light up your life with no worry or fret.
But this is the best thing yet.
They will hug you and kiss you on any given day.
If you just sit and watch them at play.

You don’t have to join in, just give them a cheer.
For they are just happy to be here.
No worries or concerns over tomorrow.
Money grows on trees and there is no sorrow.

They will draw a picture or color in a book.
It does not matter how they look.
If they have a cookie and a pop to drink.
And a water balloon from the sink.

The joy of being a child is so wonderful to me.
Just to watch them play and be carefree.

© by Harriett Dash 2002