Our Angel

Angel Lee Dash 2 yr. 4 mo.
Jan. 2005


Our Angel

This precious angel has been such a joy to our lives, Ed and I love her so much. She is a joy to come home to and no trouble at all. She loves taking naps and playing when ever we want her to. She has her favorite toys and they are moose and kitty, she knows them apart and can find them where ever you hide them.

Its been a long time now but I still love my home.  Iíve been here since I was a few weeks old, I donít feel any older but I know I am by the changes around me.  Its such a happy place to live. There are children off and on that come and visit and play with me.  I have two favorite's that make me pee because I am so excited when they come over.  It takes me a while to calm down, they sneak me in the bedroom and the TV room and sometimes they even get me under the covers, I hear Mom calling for me but they whisper "be real quiet" and I do, its nice and warm under there.

I do have one complaint and that is I never know where my sleepy bed is going to be, my Mommy changes the house around all the time and that means she changes me also.

Sometimes Iím in the corner and then there are times when I am under a table, I never know, but Iíve gotten use to it so I just watch her.  I sit and turn my head and stare at her, she stops and always tells me, "itís okay", youíll like where ever I put you.  She always makes sure Iím nice and warm where ever she puts me.  Tell me how many of you pups out there have your own heating pad to lay on?  Now Iím not allowed outside at all in the winter.  She tried one day to put a sweater on me, it was funny I kept wiggling out of it so she gave up on that.

In the summer I have a special swing I get to sit in on the front porch and the shade is pulled down so the sun doesnít hit me and the best part, I get ice water, that's right she puts ice in my water off and on all day so it wonít get warm.

I have a special cousin that's named LG.,  that's right just LG.  Heís funny, he loves my uncle so much, he's like Velcro sticking to his leg. He plays hard though, he can jump on you and almost knock you down. He was playing at my house and knock me across the room almost with his paw, didnít hurt me, he was just playing, finally he laid down and I jumped all around him and licked him in his face. He is a very friendly dog, doesnít like fighting, he even lets cats walk on him.

Well I was just keeping you up to date on my happy life and to let you know Iím growing bigger and longer, kind of like my Mom, She's a long dog and coal black.  I look like my daddy in the face but Iím built a little like my Mom.

My Mom: Lily

She is beautiful but now its sad, she doesnít know me very well, we didnít keep in touch and now when we visit sheís okay but not real friendly.  Last summer we did run and play in the yard some. But she didnít share very good, but then again I am kind of selfish when it comes to my toys too and especially my food.

I have a lot of cousins, that's what I call them, I have fatís, he's the Big dog that belongs to Missy and then there is Isabella the cat that belongs to Kelsey. I get along with them all but Shenna and she doesnít know she's a dog so she gets mad at me real quick so I donít fool with her much.




© by Harriett Dash 1/22/05