You Know It's Okay

You know things are quite alright
When you can enjoy the stillness of the night.
When you look up and smile at the moon.
When in your heart there's always room.

When you see a child look at you and smile.
You sing a song all the while.
When you feel at peace and quietness is okay
When it rains and a rainbow is on the way.

When a day goes by and you don't cry.
And you don't even stop to wonder why.
Then you know things are still okay
You giggle to yourself and go on your way.

When you go shopping and with cash you pay
Then we know it's still okay.
At Holiday Inn we have one more day
Yes, we as mothers know when things are okay.

The phone doesn't ring and there is no knock on the door
Who could ask for anything more.


by Harriett Dash 2002