Wishes  and Dreams

When I look into your eyes, this is what I see.
My handsome man coming after me.
We see with the heart and not with an outward look.
You are my idea of a man from a love book.

I see your cold black hair and handsome face.
From my heart I say, no one can take your place.
You never seem to change no matter what age we may be.
The look of love in your eyes is all that matters to me.

I hope and pray you feel the same as I feel.
My love for you will never change because my heart is real.
I close my eyes and feel your touch it is still the same.
Love is not something you play with it is not a game.

It rules the universe, the stars and man.
We are the same as way back then as we walk hand in hand.
Love is blind to age and though years take their toll.
As long as your heart belongs to me we'll never, never grow old.

Yes, this is what dreams and wishes are made of though funny it seems.
But what the heck it's okay, It is just my dreams.
I close my eyes and think real hard of the way I want it to me.
So in my darkness and my wishes this is what I see.

By Harriett Dash 2001