Why I Love You 

Now this could be a challenge, let me see.
I think because you love me.
I know that isn't easy to do.
But its possible coming from you.

You serve me breakfast in bed.
You don't let my mood swings fool with your head.
You take me as I am right to the letter.
All the time thinking I could have raised her better.

On my bad days you can make me smile.
With your sense of humor and your sense of style.
You hold me when I feel a need to cry.
When I call, you never pass me by.

No matter how busy you seem to be.
You always have time for me.
I may have to nag a little to get attention from you.
But it is great when I do.

You stuck with me through all these years.
Through all the fits and all the tears.
You are one tough man my one and only.
As long as you're around I never feel lonely.

For no matter what I ask for, you make a way.
I guess that's a few of the reasons I love you today.

by Harriett Dash 2002