Why Do We Love?

We love because we love even when time passes us by.
There's no need for sadness, no need to cry.
But grow with the thought of happiness of yesterday.
Don't let the past, your good thoughts sway.

But go on with life and be happy with the here and now.
It will be hard but you'll make it somehow.
Just know it's time for a change, even though it was good in the past.
All things must change if life is expected to last.

We love not because of perfection but out of our need.
To the heart we must surrender to feelings we must heed.
No one can make you happy or laugh all the time.
But the memory of yesterday is always in our mind.

We think of the days of joy, but that will pass.
Nothing in this life forever will last.
But we must grow and remember of how it used to be.
And know the eyes of the heart , the past will always see.

By Harriett Dash   March 2004