Where Does Darkness Come From?

As I sat looking into the distance I heard not a sound
Then all of a sudden I saw it, crawling along the ground.
I thought its a thief sneaking so quietly toward me
And it was, because it stole away the feeling I was free.

And then as I looked I shivered  at what I saw
It was after me creeping along the wall.
And then it was gone , the ground, the wall and even the air
Darkness had come and stole, blackness was everywhere.

But then I knew the answer lies within my heart
As to what could make this thief depart.
I lit a candle for all the world to see
Then the thief of darkness departed from me.

I stood tall and unafraid of  this thing I call night
I knew I couldn't give up without a fight.
But I still know not from whence the darkness begun
But this I know my candle and I will not run.

By Harriett Dash 2001       Home