What The Heart Needs

You know what keeps a heart beating, a friend in deed.
Another heart with exactly the same need.
A person that is always there for you.
That understands the things you say and do.

I love it when a person says, I have chosen you.
My payment to your heart is now due.
My heart is yours and my friendship is here.
To help you through all that you fear.

So reach out and take hold of my hand.
And try to please understand.
A friend is there in good times and bad.
Happy times and times that are sad.

So I will fill your heart with love as only a friend can.
And be with you as long as there are grains of sand.
Friends need friends and the heart is best that has one.
I know my heart is better since our friendship begun.

By Harriett Dash  March 2004     Home