Where did this word come from now lets break it down:
Notice the "D" is kinda fat and round:
"I" is God I hope I can do it one more time:
"E" means even the rules I make are mine:

"T" is for tall I am just short not fat:
So now lets see where I am at:
I love mashed potatoís and chocolate cake:
These for a good diet do not make:

I try to lose 5 pounds by standing tall:
But that just hurts my back is all:
My tummy gets hungry long before my mouth:
And "What the Heck" I am from the south:

Gravy , biscuit and bacon set the table here:
Fried tatters and brown beans bring on a fear:
I cannot refuse this meal when set before me can I:
I dare not say I Ďm not hungry, I donít want to lie:

So I just eat a little well its seems that way:
Because on my big plate the food does lay:
Then I say to myself, another day will be here soon:
Maybe there will be a full moon:

They say another moon makes for the dawning of something new:
I can always diet then, canít you:
I mean it with all my heart this time:
I have really made up my mind:

What did you say, we are invited out to eat again:
Okay but I mean it, after this for my diet I will stand:

© By Harriett Dash 2002