What A Prize She Is
(Deneice Branch)

Nene and Mom

You know  when I look at pictures of my Mom what I see
I see a little girl we call Nene.
You see this child was so much like her Mom in every way
She can cook and sew and make canned goods that stay.

I tried all these things but could never make it be
So it was meant for little Nene you see.
Mom always loved it when she came because she was a help in every way
She'd work around the house and then to yards sales they would stray.

They both loved little knick knacks and to jew the people down
If there was a winning prize for yard sales they would win a crown.
They would drive fifty miles just to save a dollar
One would watch the side of the road and the other would be ready to holler.

Mom would read the paper and pick out the best
They always got the good ones and drive by the rest.
Then they would return home and their treasures they pick through
   They smile and look at each other and say look what I got for you   .

Then up the feet would go and they’d lay down for a spell
Had to keep their energy up for the next day “the special yard sale.
They would put all their stuff together and price it a little higher
Place it in their own yard sale and wait for a buyer.

“Oh yes she was her special girl and love to see her come
She knew she was blessed when Nene was there because all her cleaning was done.
We other girls didn’t mind we kinda liked it that way you see
Because  to all of us she is our “Special Nene”.



I Love you!
© By Harriett Dash 2001   


This background was free, courtesy of Cartoon Cottage.