Watch and Pray 


The bible says to continually walk and talk in the spirit
And I believe this is why
The time will come God will need an answer when you die.

As to the reason you did what you did and said what you said
So do not slumber or sleep or toss around in your bed.

But rise up my children from those sleepless nights
For the morning you will see will be the true light.

Our battles anew we must all hurry and begin
If it's our heavenly home, we expect to  enter in.

Close not your eyes and be not deceived
Lest ye inter into temptation, fall upon your knees.

Ask for strength from the Father up above
We find we are stronger when filled with his love.


To all his children, He say's, do  not slumber or sleep
For when you wake the devil you will greet.

This is the reason we must pray all the more
Because the tempter is always knocking on the door.


By Harriett Dash