"To Violet"

You  are a special person for some reason to me:
When ever I come to church, you I always expect to see:
You always had a smile, always look my way:
You  give me a hug and have something good to say:

I feel we have grown up together in worship and in praise:
And pray we'll be together when he comes for us to raise:
I've watched Belinda in pigtails grow up and with a little girl smile:
Now she's all grown up and with her own child:

It seems as if time has gone by us so very fast:
But we still will stand in his presence till the very last:
I know our goal is the same in every way:
That is what he would have us to be until the last day:

You are a blessing to me and have a special place in my heart:
The memories you have made for me will never part:
I know there have been times when your heart has hurt bad:
And there have been times when you have been sad:

Even though I wasen't there in that moment and time:
I want you to know you were on my mind:
Out of sight is not out of mind to me:
A lot of times we think of a person more when them we can't see:
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To Violet , a special person in my life.
Thanks for always having a smile and something good to say.

By Harriett Dash1999