Victoria Danielle Hicks

What a heart breaker this girl can be to all around.
Just that special look not making a sound.
She can say so much by using the big brown eyes.
Makes you smile or makes you cry.

She is like super glue once you know her heart.
From her its hard to have to part.
Now don't get me wrong there are days she's a pain to be around.
Those are the days her face wears a frown.

We all look for a place to run and hide and by her not be seen.
But she's just as sweet as she is mean.
She's ready for those teen years to begin.
I don't know if we can make it to the end.

She was born an adult and knows it all before you say.
When I need help at anything I call and she's on her way.
There seems to be nothing that misses her attention.
Even when she makes mistakes she has good intentions.

She is like me when it comes to talking and not knowing when to stop.
Now if I can just teach her how to shop till she drops.
I will have  accomplished what I was sent here to do.
She says "Oh god Mamaw I don't want to be like you.

She loves to make a mess, that's why I say she's so mean.
But then she does an about face and is so clean.
Now she has spells she cleans and really scrubs.
She puts polish everywhere and rubs and rubs.

As a matter of fact we have almost hit the floor.
The minute we walk in side the door.
I tell her not to spray the polish in the air.
But she doesn't seem to really care.

I guess I should be thankful she has her good days for our sake.
It really gives our nerves a break.
But she  will win your heart no matter what she does to you.
And you can't help but love her in all she thinks she has to do.

She's a story teller and will make you turn your head.
You have to smile, but then you dread.
Because you know as she grows so will the tale.
But with pride my head does swell.

When someone looks and says to me.
She's as pretty as can be
.Because then I think there's hope and I can rest knowing that.
I will hang in there and not throw in the hat.

Because I know from the learning experience all kids have their day.
And I wouldn't have her any other way.
So I'll just sit back and laugh one day and one day cry.
And just smile and say "Why me Lord, Why?"

By Harriett Dash     1/2/04     

Tory - Age 11