Vanished Love


Vanished Love
Oh for the vanished love of yesterday.
The hurt of loneliness to go away.
Within my heat the pain lingers still.
For lack of love and  of thrill.

Rain falls upon my  broken heart.
For love has vanished that was at start.
Frost has darken what once was.
Gone forever our first love.

Never to return from the dark.
There is left a vacant spot within my heart.
Drowned by tears for lack.
Never to me coming back.

It seems within my heart no place for it.
This love can no longer fit.
Vanished love from my sight.
Drifted into darkest night.

Never to be seen again.
Vanished like the passing wind.
What do I hear upon my door:
That knock from my love once more:

It was a deceiving heart that spoke to me:
For it is my love that I see:
Never to lack for love again:
We walk away hand in hand:

By Harriett Dash 2001