Unseen Glory

Vision is  not a product of things seen but  words spoken.
A promise made and not broken.
We may have eyes but in reality can't see.
But just what's in front of us and not what's to be.

We think the blind can't see the flowers in all their glory.
But the fragrance in the mind is the true story.
Vision is not what is seen by the human eye .
But its what makes the human heart cry.

There's a feeling that comes from the skin .
Ever feel those goose bumps and wonder from when?
Something you thought and something you felt within your heart.
Something that gave you a start?

It didn't come from sight or vision from the eye.
But came from the rustle of the leaves or a babies cry.
So don't feel sorry for a blind man's tap of the cane.
But think who is really the one that's lame.

by Harriett Dash 2003