The Two Men In My Life

I know the rules of this world but they are not always true
There is more than one man I love, there are two.
They make me what I am today
They can make me smile along the way.

My heart is full of love even into the over flow
I think within their hearts this thing they do know.
They play with my head and make me think I am unwise
They tease me with their tales and cute little lies.

The greatest is my husband the greatest thing next is my son
For without  my husband my boys life could not have begun.
My son lights up the nights with sparkles of Gold
As long as we have him our life is treasures untold.

So let no one tell you, you can't have in your life two men
For I would have to say this battle they could not win.
For any mother who has a son knows this is true
Your life is full of pleasure as long as your son is next to you.

My son is a preacher and a man of words that are strong
My husband is a teacher and does not like things that are wrong.
So as you can see together they keep me in line
But it's okay as long as their love I have forever and ever
To be what they would have me be is my life's endeavor.

So world don't tell me a woman can't love two men
Cause this is a battle you will not win:

By Harriett Dash 2001       


Ed, Harriett and John Dash