Trimming The Tree Of Life

Worry is like a large oak tree with branches stretching near and far
Start trimming the little ones so as not the ground to jar.
Then in the learning, the larger ones we can cut away
Worry, fear and doubt leave slowly day by day.

We can overcome these things that take up so much time
Use those precious moments for happy thoughts in your mind.
Sometime the trimming of the tree will help to soften the fall
If upon the trimmer we will call.

Don’t take on the job all by yourself
Take the word of God down from the shelf.
It has perfect directions as to how the limbs should be cut away
Don’t do it all at once, but a little each day.

The tree didn’t grow all at one time
It took years for the thoughts to grow in your mind.
But with the Masters help, it will all be so very clear
Open up your heart, lend to him your ear.

He will do what's right and make it so easy for you to trim
The secret is ,Open the door of your heart and let him in.
He’s knocking, hear the sound, limbs are falling, the tree is trimmed
and all is well as the dead branches hit the ground.

By Harriett Dash