"To Rick Dunford"

I have a friend I see once in awhile:
Always on his face there is a smile:
Usually on my way to work, I see him once a week:
Always about the Lord he does speak:
He says God is important in all I say and do:
He shows me a scriptue God opened him to:

Bible3.gif (58567 bytes)

He speaks often of his strength from God:
He tells the truth and spares not the rod:
He says the word of God will stand like he said:
He can still heal the sick and raise the dead:

I know about the Lord, he really does care:
I look forward to each tuesday because I know he is there:
Sometimes the devil will give him a test:
But with Gods help they put him to rest:

He walks in the word the Lord knew he would:
The Lord changed his life and made it Good:

For Rick Dunford, a special friend and brother in Christ, thanks for the

by Harriett Dash 1999