"A Special Person"


Have you ever met someone that captured your heart?
This woman did right from the start.
She has a heart for other people and her own style.
She makes you feel great with one of her smiles.

There are just some folks out there God placed for you.
To make your day special in what ever you may do.
No matter when I met her she laughed and said Hello.
I think she does this no matter where she may go.

Everyone seems to love her just the mention of her name.
They say "Pug" yes we know her, shes always the same.
A smile to win you over and make you feel good about yourself..
She doesn't place her joy high upon a shelf.

She shares it with others even when she has sorrow deep with in.
She'll tell you in a heart beat, the lord will protect you from sin.
He picked a soldier to be in the world just for me and you.
"Pug" will make you smile,  in what ever you set out to do.

Thanks Pug!

By Harriett Dash 2001