To My Son On Graduation Day

Travis Justin Rogers, known by his friends and family by T.J born July 16, 1986 Graduation: May 22, 2004, Odessa Texas.
Mother : Sandy Denise Nance Born July 12, 1966. Died April 22, 2004

No matter the days that have passed, I am always by your side.
Please know Iím with you in spirit and there are tears in my eyes.
Not tears of sorrow but tears of pride and joy.
Youíve always made my heart proud, youíve always been my boy.

As the ceremony took place and you were thinking, I wish Mom was here.
Know my precious I was there, I was more than near.
I was in your thoughts so I was in your heart.
Of me youíll always be a very special part.

Now where I am, closer with you Iíll always be.
Because Iím in every sunset and every breeze that blows a tree.
My thoughts are continually of you because I never slumber or sleep.
Because of you a lifeís dream I have reaped.

I only want what's best for you and now where I am.
I can watch you with pride, grow up to be a man.
A man whom I can admire and go to the Father and say.
Come with me and watch, for this is my sonís Graduation day.

© By Harriett Dash  8/13/04    Home