"To My Man"

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I love you Babe, I always will:
No matter what, I love you still:
From me to you, no greater love:
Except what is sent from up above:
I'll love you Honey until the end:
I'm not just your wife but also your friend:

My love for you is understanding and kind:
No greater love will you ever find:
You can't buy my love, to you it is free:
It's what I give to you from me:
My love for you is unselfish come what may:
Nothing can destroy it or take it away:

With fullness of you within my heart:
My cares and worries all soon depart:
As long as your love I possess:
My worlds true future is happiness:
Sometimes I get in a self centered way:
And fail to listen to what you have to say:

But to me , you are very dear:
I love you more each passing year:
With a love thats deep and very true:
I have good memories of being with you:
Time can't destroy beauty as long as memories live:
No one can erase the pleasure to me you give:

By Harriett Dash 1990