"To Molly"

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You are always happy with something sweet to say:
And in your heart, you'd always like to be this way:
But there are times when there is pain in your heart:
Things in life go wrong and it tears you apart:

You're close to God and he said,'He'd handle that:
He's on your team and for you up to bat:
God hits those home runs, sends us on our way:
He's by our side each and every day:

When in darkness you wake with a tear in your eye:
God said, "hush my child, please don't cry:
I'm here to tell you it's going to be okay:
I let you cry sometimes to wash the pain away:

Believe me when I say, I love you very much:
Close your eyes, cling to me, feel my gentle touch:
I'll handle the situation and make it alright:
In your heart think of me and peace, I'll hold you tight:

To Molly
You are my friend and God loves you, 
he told me this in a prayer for you.

By Harriett Dash1998