To Know The Savior

Oh Lord my God, in thee I often wonder, that's the word my heart does cry
For in my heart and in my soul for thee my heart does sigh
I look for you in the mountain tops and in the clouds so far
Sometimes my voice cries out I wonder where you are

But then I hear a voice, so silent and in my heart so deep
Be still my child and know I'm here even in your deepest sleep
I'm in the wind you feel upon your face and the stirring of your heart
From me you might stray my child but from thee I'll never part

Look up now to the mountains, to the highest peak
I'm there in the leaves and the branches everywhere you might seek
When in death you feel alone and birth with awe anew
I'm in the eyes of the newborn and in death standing next to you

On your arm I place my hand to help with the strength you need
The prayer you prayed the day before was the planting of the seed
For I am the Lord your God and am with you where ever you go
If we plant and with patience wait with our spirit we will sow

I'm in your sorrow and in the tears that run down your cheek
I'm there whenever you call my name and for me you seek
I'm in the smile of a child and in the faraway look in a wandering eye
I'm there when you laugh and there when from your heart you cry

So just look around now, go deep in thought
and up in my SPIRIT you will be caught:

12/29/96-5:30 am
They say early in the morning is the best time to reach the throne, before the hectic day
begins, and this I believe  with all my heart. This is to all of you out there that pray early
in the morning.

By Harriett Dash 1996         Home