Today Is Mine

Today is mine and I owe it to me.
For today for myself I'll be all I can be.

I pray to accomplish something "I" want to be done.
I hope wants will my needs overcome.

At the end of the day and the setting of the sun.
I'll know all I set out to do will a victory be won.

One thing I know the future I cannot tell.
But I know at the end of the day all has went well.

With all the cares of this life I pray my load will be light.
And when time for rest comes I have broken the "needs" might.

I will be the victor, the winner after all.
I've done all I wanted, climb the mountain without one fall.

Now at peace I set with no burdens of life to get in my way.
My heart is lighter for the accomplishments of this day.

By Harriett Dash          Home