Today A Memory

We went for a ride today
 Stopped and made a memory along the way.
The valley is big and low and wide
For those who see not, I cried.

The vast outreach of God's almighty hand
Seems to spread throughout  the land.
It seems as if with wings you could soar for a mile
I'm sure the angels look on and smile.

To see from Heaven this beautiful view
A gift from God to me and you.
Stop for a moment think of this beauty to behold
This is just the beginning of treasures untold.

Thank you God for Thompson Valley's  blessings for us
Thank God with this site, us He did trust.
To see through the clouds and the trees
To feel the angels wings in the breeze.

To know there is a higher power than us all
To know by this view we are all so small.
Yet he watches over us and places this gift in our hand
Thank you God for this beautiful land.

Thank You God


By Harriett Dash2001