Tired and Weary

I bounced from room to room the whole day.
Letting nothing distract me or get in my way.
Then supper time came and then dishes to do.
Has this ever happened to you?

Tired and weary I sat down with my own style.
I looked around seen no one, so I smiled.
I know the chair called out my name.
The end of the day, the end of the household game.

The day was through and so was I.
I sat down with a long drawn out sigh.
But all of a sudden I felt nothing at all.
It's a wonder from the chair I didn't fall.

I came to myself and felt all slumped over.
Felt a tongue on my face, it was Rover.
What a wake up call that was for me.
Then as I looked around, what did I see?

The kids all smiling and the husband too.
They laughed and said what happen to you?
I just smiled , got up and went on my way.
They would never understand about my day.

By Harriett Dash          Home