"Times Sure Do Change"

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I  remember the little country house when off to school I would go:
I was bundled up as Mom said so as not to be cold:
I loved that old scarf it was security too me:
I always thought with it on, my face no one could see:

My heart was insecure and my life backward as could be:
But on my face there was always a smile as you can see:
I never worried about tomorrow or what it could bring:
I enjoyed the sunshine and I enjoyed the rain:

I had a happy home and all the kids were filled with laughter:
Its still that goal I seek to attain in this here after:
I am now a little more secure and have a job to fill each day:
I still smile and have fun no matter what comes my way:

  The things in life are a little bigger but thats the way it should be:
For I am older now and wiser and thats the way as I can see:
But I still like to look back and think on memories of the past :
They were good and if they are I think they should last:

Memories are what the mind is made of good or bad:
Some may be happy, some may be sad:
But here we are in this day and time :
And the past is just something in our mind:

Its up to us to hang on or to just let go:
But I love my memories and would like to keep them all in a row:
But as time goes on they seem to scatter around:
Some are quicker to come to the front and some seem to abound:

Memories  of the younger days seem to be coming more often:
They say that happens when you're seeking for a coffin:
I sure hope not because they are coming quicker than ever :
So I think I will close this memory thing and get my up to date thoughts together:

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By Harriett Dash 2001