Times Running Out

Its just about over another year as we know.
It seems to me its leaving faster or else I am getting slow.
I look at jobs unaccomplished that should have been done.
But I think I placed instead of them just a little fun.

I meant to paint the walkway and plant some grass seed.
But it just so happen I wanted to do a good deed.
Like use my swing to show my Hubby how great it seems to be.
But then it ended up being a summer job in which I am well pleased.

You know the term "just a swinging", well that's me for sure.
I think its causing trouble, like the devils lure.
But I do look around to what needs to be done.
But sitting and swinging seems to be much more fun.

But Iíll make a list and if the Lord lets me stay.
I really will get to it on another day.
Its getting kinda chilly now so maybe I should get back to working.
I see old man winter around the corner lurking.

The only thing that troubles me is where its going to go.
"My swing, in my house where it wonít show.
I think maybe it can pass for a relaxing daybed.
Just a place to rest my weary little head.

After all I will be worn out for thinking of work I should have done.
So swinging in my swing will make it a lot more fun.


© by Harriett Dash Sept. 2003