The Word Please

What happen to your word Lord, from your holy book
All we hear anymore is the way we talk and the way we look.
How can we learn what you did in your day
When the world keeps getting in the preachers way.

They always preach on violence and sex
Where are the streets of Gold we are supposed to get.
I want to hear of your presence when you were on earth
I want to hear of love and kindness and rebirth.

It's always the bad in us and the world today
Your word seems to get in the preachers way.
I really want to hear of you and how your life began
I want to know how to love my fellow man.

Please send us someone who reads and knows your book
Someone who's concerned about our soul and not the way we look.
I know there are many others who feel the same
Please introduce yourself to those preachers
so they will know your name.

By Harriett Dash  1999   

I know there are children of God out there that have had hard times and feel as if
they have no say, but let me tell you one thing, be sure and keep this in your heart.
Without us the preachers will have to go to the woods to cry out, we are the ones God
wants, those who are hungry after Him and His word. It is not important how we look,
when the inside is cleaned up by the Lord, we will clean up the out side. God looks on
the heart, he deals with the heart.  We are nothing without each other, preachers are
nothing without lay-persons and lay-persons are nothing without the word of God from
His chosen ones.