The Word Of God

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God knew the heart he could trust
Giving them the Holy Spirit as now he does to us.
He can search the heart and also know the mind
He is a God of mercy and to us more than kind.

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He's a discerner of our thoughts and heart
In Rev.2:23, he will give according if we do not depart.
In Psalm 20:6, he gives us strength from his right hand
In Psalm 33:13, he looks down from heaven and beholds man.

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He prepared for us a place in which to dwell
In Psalm 9:17, he says the wicked shall burn in hell.

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Heaven is his throne and earth his footstool
But the place he has for us, he will rule.

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He's prepared for us a mansion, a place for me and you:
Not only can we go there, but best of all, he'll be there too.

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