"The Wake Up Call"
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  Don't you just hate that morning wake up call:
You jump up and almost fall:
Why do words like "rise and shine" sound so bad:
After a sleepless night you have had:
You turn your face to the wall in hopes they will go away:
Forget about you just for today:

"Oh no here it comes again not to my surprise:
Come on  Sleepy head, open those little eyes:
I said to him, "no" just let me sleep all day:
He said , now now don't be that way:

What does he know, he can't read my mind:
Just once I'd like to sleep from nine to nine:

Breakfast all ready, I knew he would:
To get me up, he'd do anything he could:
He thinks because hes up with the morning sun:
I have to know what has to be done:

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I'm not up to having coffee with you:
I still see the morning dew:

So under my nose the food he lets me smell:
His biscuits on the market he could sell:
He smiles and then kisses me on the cheek:
Okay Baby, you can go on back to sleep:

"Oh Yeah" after that morning wake up call.??????

By Harriett Dash 1999   

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