The Vessel

We are known to Him as a vessel, one of life so full
We are an example of Him, that's the Golden  rule.

As we are handled by people, do we weaken or become strong
Do we crack at the problems of life and do something that is wrong.

Or do we cling to the potter and the strength He gave to us
As a vessel that has been fired with a challenge, one He can trust.

Not to crack or weaken at everything that is put within
Can we handle the cares of life, become a vessel to lend.

Are we trustworthy and thought secure to hold
Or are we only pretty to look at and to use not so bold.

Is it an outward appearance  and in us He cannot  trust
Are we made from the potters wheel or of tin that may rust.

Let us be shaped by his hands and what he'd have us to be
Not only something for the world to see.

But let the inside be as durable as the outside
And know in us his love and trust will always abide.

By Harriett Dash 2001   


 Pictures not a part of graphics by Marsha