The Spirit Is Everywhere

Even though prison walls surround me and hold me day after day.
The Spirit is still within me they canít keep it away.
There is no distance in prayer he can always hear.
Even though I canít get out He still loves me dear.

The darkness surrounds me and all is night.
When His spirit I feel my heart is light.
I know where the joy is, its in the praise.
For his presence I feel when my head I raise.

Its hard sometimes and I feel so alone.
To be surrounded with these walls of stone.
But with him ever present he changes my sorrow and pain.
To thoughts of heaven and what I will gain.

No matter where this body imprisoned shall be.
My spirit shall fly upward my Lord to thee.
I know in my heart He can fill the empty space.
For His warmth I feel upon my uplifted face.

Yes I know He is always there.
For the Spirit of the Lord is Everywhere.

© by Harriett Dash 2002