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musical-note-icon.gif (2131 bytes)      The Song of  "Fallen Leaves"     musical-note-icon.gif (2131 bytes)

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When I look into the wonders of Nature and see lying on the ground:
Fallen leaves from God's trees falling all around:
I think of you and the song you sang from your heart:
As long as there are trees and leaves the memory will never part:

I know there are hidden thoughts among the words to this song:
To help us stay on the path of righteousness and to do no wrong:
It seems to touch the heart of  people as the words you do sing:
Even though it is finished  the melody still rings:

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It seems to be a song you hum and whistle about:
One that goes on and on and never seems to wear out:
We are the branches and He is the vine:
He is our soul provider yours and mine:

Our lives are like the trees that reach for heaven above:
To get our strength from Him that gives us so much love:
As we enter into the summer months and all is green and new:
He has given another chance to the world through this song coming from you:

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We should really live like the trees and the flowers and take no thought:
For He will supply our tomorrow if not in the world we are caught:
Thank you Brother Smith for blessing me with this song from your heart:
For as  long as there are fallen leaves the memory of Him  from me will
never part:

Even in the winter months  no matter where I go:
I will know there are falling leaves  hidden beneath the snow:

This poem is dedicated to Brother Leonard Smith from Channel 25.
So often you have sang this song and the meaning is so clear.
Its not just words but something from the heart, from me to you.

By Harriett Dash 2001