The Smile

(Martin Walker)

I went to visit this young man the other day.
And he stole my heart away.
He is a young man already with a smile upon his face.
He was born taking charge of his rightful place.
I looked at him and said a word or two.
And inspiration came , so this is for Martin, from me to you.

The Smile

Now where in the world did the smile come from?
I think it started from the moment his life begun.
For no reason at me he did grin.
Especially when I tickled him under the chin.

Now I wonder what was placed within that child .
To let him know it was time to smile.
I believe with all my heart.
It was placed within from the start.

I wonder what a smile looks like before its born.
Is it brand new or has it been worn?
I love people with laugh wrinkles in the corner of their eye.
You can tell they smile more than they cry.

They look around for something to make a smile come out.
Some giggle softly and some do it with a shout.
But it doesn’t matter as long as you do.
You’ll feel so much better and so will those around you.

I got a call the other day and this is what the caller had to say.
I thought "I’d call "YOU" and make "MY" day.
And I said in what way can this I do?
They said , you always make me laugh when I call you.

What a compliment I thought that to be.
For someone to want to hear laughter from me.
You know my inspiration, a babies precious little grin.
This one from Martin, my heart he did win.

© by Harriett Dash 2003