The sins of the world

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The cross was heavy, but he didnít care
He knew the strength of his Father was there.
He walked the earth knowing the  end
He proved he was strong enough to carry our sin.
The burdens he carried, no one will ever know
As under the heavy cross he did go.

We couldnít do it, not a one of us
Do you know anyone you can really trust.
To carry your burdens and secrets within
Most everyone is loaded down with their own sin.
His heart was broken and the thorns made him bleed
But he knew in his heart, we were in need.

He walked, He fell and He did crawl
Under the burdens of sin for us all.
Once He had done what He came to do
He arose to wait with the Father for me and you.
There He will be with arms opened wide
To say itís okay, it was for you I died.

Come sit and eat with me at the throne
The banquet is ready, we welcome you home.
The table has been set with loving care
In hopes you and yours would be there.
Hereís sister, brother, and your Mom and Dad
Now close your eyes and sleep, donít be sad.

Iím waiting here in a special place for you
I forgive you for all the wrong things you do.
You are mine now, so come and enter in
Come unto me my child, away from a world of sin.

© By Harriett Dash 1999   

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