The Salt and the Light  

We are the salt and the light in the world today
We are to live in order to show others the way.

As we live before the world they will look and see
Hopefully what and how their lives should be.

When the Lord comes to remove the tares from the wheat
In your heart think of who you want to greet.

Don't be blinded by what the world has to give
It's temporary and not the way Gods children should live.

Let not the hardness of heart lead you astray
But let love and kindness guide your way.

It matters not the length of salvation the reward to gain
The first shall be last and the last first to each the reward the same.

There is no age in heaven, paradise it shall be
We all look the same when on bended knee.

He looks on the spirit to see how we feel
It matters not how long as long as its real.

By Harriett Dash 1999