The Road To Friendship

The vines were snarled and hardened and the weeds grew tall.
The road to our friendship looked so small.
The path looked rocky but I thought, I have to try.
So I started forward with a tear in my eye.

I called out her name but heard no sound.
I looked and prayed, God let her be around.
It has been years since I tried to contact her, so I came to see.
If the bond was still there and she ever thought of me.

It's my fault, I moved away and gave no reason as to why.
I remember us hugging, her starting to cry.
I told her I'd write her and call every day.
But somehow I got too busy and felt I had nothing to say.

Now I'm lonely and I need my friend to be near.
I heard the door open and my heart filled with fear.
I saw through the bramble a face I did not know.
A person walking toward me, very, very slow.

I ask, are you my friend, do you remember me?
Through dim vision she looked, but I know she could not see.
The years had taken their toll, through tears she cried.
When the road to friendship grew over, your friend died.

She had no reason to laugh and with freedom sing.
She waited and waited for months just to hear the phone ring.
Then she turned her back and closed the door.
I walked away and knew then, I had my friend no more.

Having a friend takes time and effort, it's not a simple thing that just comes along in life.
It's something you have to work for and work at.
Good friends are worth taking time to keep.

By Harriett Dash          Home