To My Nephew Ricky Medcoff.  I love you Ricky.




There was a child
On a cold and cloudy day a child was born into this world.
Having no idea of what his life would be.
It all seemed okay on the outside but inside
No one but he himself could see.
He grew up normal to the world but turmoil
Was all around and him it did stalk.
But he tried with all his heart to keep up a normal walk.
His everyday life was hard for in his heart
No true love could he meet.
As he grew older and older the burden of this
Was all that he could seek.
Not knowing all around him were people whose
Hearts were open wide.
But in his quest for life, their feelings they would hide.
But now I think his search is over
And he knows that love is true.
Itís not what others think or feel
But itís more important what you think of you.
Our hearts are for others to use
And not for just us alone.
Youíll feel better knowing in our hearts
for you is a special home.
Stay with us this time and let not the world you overcome.
For we are family and love each other
When it's all said and done.

Harriett Dash 2/24/07