The Promise Is Coming

Youíve heard the story of the promise coming down the road
It's true, He's coming to take from you, your heavy load
If it be sadness or deep sorrow from within
It doesnít matter, He's coming to take away your sin.

He doesnít mind the burdens, that is what His shoulders are for
All you must do is watch and open the door
Heíll not force Himself upon you or shove His way in
But He is there to help you rid your self of sin.

He is a great big God and can take all the blows
Heís in the shadow and the sunshine, where ever you go
He is a promise and know what that means to you
That He is in all your problems and will see you through.

Look through the dust and see clearly through your trial
If you look close, youíll know heís been there all the while
He is in the dew upon the rose and the breeze  upon  your face
He didnít throw His life away, He volunteered to take your place.

So wipe those tears from your eyes and lift your chin up high
Look to the heavens,  "Hush" in a whisper, my child donít cry
Iím around the bend in the road, in the dust you see
I gave my life for you for all the world to see.

Not for one or just a chosen few
But my child especially for you
Keep my promise alive by believing in me and my blessed way
When you look up for me and trust, that will be  your day.

Iím not in the future, but Iím in the now
Iím in my promise, I know when and  how
Donít question all you see and all you think you know
But look down that road for the promise and  I will come and show.

Iím not just words or a thought in the darkest night
But I the promise will your battles fight
Now close your eyes and vision me so very near
For I will be the next voice you hear.

A whisper, a babies cry or a child Ďs laughter out loud
A crippled man , a weak body or a stranger in the crowd
Iím here.. my child coming down the road
Cast your cares upon me, I was made for the heavy load.

So with your heart to me all you shall give
Because I am the promise.....and I shall live.

© by Harriett Dash 1999