The Poet

The poet is full of words, images and rhythms.
Thoughts of others run through their mind.
Poets are special people with thoughts mysterious and deep.
They go many nights without slumber or sleep.

Never is there a dull moment because words fill their head.
To be put on paper like needle and thread.
To fill someone’s heart with laughter or a broken heart mend.
In a poets mind, words go on and on never to end.

The feeling of others sometimes break them for awhile.
But then it all comes back, a word that makes them smile.
They love sharing with others and reading their work out loud.
Watching the expression on the faces in the crowd.

Words from a poet can mend a heart that's broken into.
Just the right things they say and the things they do.
The way a word is spoken, the right word that was chose.
Only a poet from his heart really knows.

In each of us there is a rhyme that will make us smile.
Something that comes from the heart that takes us that extra mile.
Stop, smell the roses and pick a flower and around you look.
In each of us is an unwritten book.

© by Harriett Dash 2003