The Old Country House
(Dedicated to Rick Boothe and My brother Danny Seigo)

These were the memory days I didn't know about at the time
Memories I was making ones that were mine.
The old country house on  Millett Highway road
Had no idea at the time that my mom was carrying such a load.

We had the wide open fields and rabbits and streams in which to play
Never thinking it would end in a soon coming day.
Fresh smell of hay cut by the farmer who lived next door
He let me ride on his tractor until I was sore.

It bounced me around but I hung on for  dear life
Not knowing about the world and in it all it strife.
This was my world in a one room school
Not knowing any different thought it was the rule.

All children lived like me life was just a game
Never knowing that for others it wasn't the same.
Fun and laughter and all the world was great
Now that I am up in years the memories come of late.

They are here just in time to help me realize
That life is what we make it in our own eyes.
My memories are different they are mine to have and to  hold
They make me what I am today and keep me from growing old.

By Harriett Dash 2001  

These were great memories of when Rick Boothe and his parents would come to visit and we all had such a great time. My little brother Danny and Sister Connie, how precious they were.

Dedicated to my cousin Rosetta West and brother and sister Danny and Connie Seigo