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The Joy of Childhood
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It seems to be one of those days when you think of days gone by:
You really look around and wonder how time does fly:
You look in the mirror and wonder who that's supposed to be:
You blink and blink and still you are who you see:

I hate those photo albums of me as a child:
Even though the memories bring on your face a smile:
I love being a little girl with pretty dresses that swirl:

My hair all blonde and those long pretty curls:

I hate being a grown up with the panty hose and heels:
I hate the way my feet hurt and how it feels:
I'd rather be a little girl and let my imagination soar:
Rather than doing all I can and trying to do more:

In the winter as a child you never got cold:
But now it seems the temperatures lower as we grow old:
The heat in the summer is hot but you have to cover it up:
Because now it isn't as pretty as it was when you were a pup:

Age stinks no matter woman or man:
Why can't it stop when you want, that should be the plan:
I still like to run and play;
But the body no more will move that way:

And when you force it, you bear the pain:
And promise your body you'll never do it again:
But in my head I still feel young and free:
But my aches and pains get ahead of me:

I'm still going to kick up my heels and go:
It's just that it won't be as fast, but a little slow:
So I push back the mirror and push back the time:
For after all age is just a thing that's in your mind:

By Harriett Dash 2001