The Jackson's

Pat and Randall Jackson

( To Pat and Randall )

Here are two people who are so kind and true.
Always looking for a way to be of assistance to you.
There seems to be no job too big or too small.
They are always there and on call.

They have blessed us with so much, words can't say.
They have worked so hard from the very first day.
They bless with the word and minister in song.
In them I can say, I find no wrong.

Pat's smile would win the heart of anyone.
Randall is also wonderful and so much fun.
They both have a sense of humor and hearts so kind.
The Lord is always on their mind.

They can do anything and have been really blessed.
Can hold their own with the very best.
There is nothing they can't do together.
And really it doesn't matter about the weather.

They'll work through storms and do what must be done no matter what.
Not many people have what they have got.
Our hearts go out to them and we want to say thanks so much.
Not only from us but from the hearts you have touched.

By Harriett Dash  Jan. 2004        Home