The Heavenly Flight

It's so frightening to take your flight
Then the peace comes and its all right.
If we will just accept his nail scarred hand
Heíll take us to a much better land.

Donít look back to the oneís you loved
But keep your eyes toward the one above.
Memories will pass of the love the world gave
Youíll see His is better, just be brave.

You may wonder in your mind as to why
It was your turn to have to die.
But be strong for this is your big day
To have wings of glory and fly away.

He will explain and you will understand
Just reach out and take his hand.
It is really hard to take the flight
But just think never again will there be Night.

No bad memories of things that have pain
Just heavenly treasures you will gain.
So just lay your head upon your pillow of gold
Rest, have peace and never grow old.

Donít shed that tear for those youíve left behind
It isnít for you that they are crying.
Its for themselves they shed those tears
For missing out on your love all those years.

You can now go home and rest in the shadow of his wing
Heíll give you a new song to sing.
So peace is what to you he will give
It's your turn now to forever live.

© By Harriett Dash 2002